Related ID Solutions

The secure ID documents produced by Pitkit Zetes Smartech are used in the end-to-end identification solutions offered by Zetes. These solutions cover all steps in the People Identification process. The main services are described below:

Biometric Registration and Enrolment Solutions

Zetes’ mobile and fix enrolment stations enable secure biometric enrolment of citizens, residents, voters or closed groups, in both permanent and mobile locations. The solution set includes all hardware, software and services (consultancy, project management, development, deployment, training and support) to reliably collect biographic and biometric data.
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Data Centralization and Validation

Zetes ensures reliable and secure population of national databases, through centralization of locally collected personal data. The process involves:

  • Secure data transfer and import
  • Detection of duplicate or incorrect registrations
  • Design, implementation and validation of people ID population registers
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Electronic Voting Systems

Zetes designs, implements and supports new-generation hybrid e-voting systems, incorporating security and privacy concerns.
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Zetes handles biographic and electronic personalisation of e-passports.
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