Pitkit Zetes Smartech serves government ministries, security agencies and professional consultants, as well as businesses and non-governmental organizations, throughout the process of specifying, designing and creating bespoke identification solutions. For each project we work with the issuing agency of that country to assess unique security requirements, understand the situations in which the IDs will be used, and ascertain availability of required information and registries.

National Governments

National ID cards, passports and even driver and vehicle licences are updated only rarely, and so anti-fraud technology must constantly be enhanced to outpace counterfeiting and other crimes. As a result, agencies need a supplier with in-depth knowledge in new security features, designing fraud-proof cards and creating efficient systems for producing and personalizing the cards.

Municipal and Local Authorities

Municipalities and local authorities may issue personalized smart cards that contain highly sensitive personal information, such as cards for welfare programs and ID cards for police forces. Like national governments, they need secure ID documents that are durable and cannot be replicated. Pitkit Zetes Smartech creates secure, bespoke ID cards for such local and municipal agencies.

Professional Consultants

Pitkit Zetes Smartech works closely with professional consultants to provide secure smart card solutions that address the full range of potential client requirements for smart card production and personalization.

Businesses and Non-governmental Organizations

For businesses and NGOs that deal with highly confidential or sensitive information, smart cards are an essential element of their security systems. Operators of transportation systems, healthcare providers, financial institutions and insurance companies require secure, fraud proof ID cards to limit and track access and activities.