Solution Partners

Pitkit Printing Enterprises Ltd.

A privately owned company, Pitkit Printing Enterprises manufactures and markets high quality labels and shrink sleeves for a wide range of industries, including food and beverages, cosmetics, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, plastics, electronics and more. Throughout the past 45 years, Pitkit has invested tremendous resources in research and development in the field of secure printing technologies.



Zetes (Euronext: ZTS) is a leading provider of identification, supply chain and mobility solutions. Its People ID division Zetes PASS (Personal Authentication and Security Services) specializes in developing and implementing complete identification and authentication solutions, including biometric mass enrolment, data centralization and validation, secure document production and e-voting systems.



Secu-System counterfeit protection technology enables manufacturers, retailers and organizations to safeguard against counterfeiting and related fraud. Pitkit Zetes Smartech has adopted Secu-System's technology to forgery-proof its smart cards. The technology consists of a special security ink that is printed on cards, labels or packaging of the products to be protected, and a unique optical reader for authentication.


Project and Research Partners

Pitkit Zetes Smartech welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with innovators in all fields relevant to the production of secure electronic identification cards. We are always interested in exploring processes, materials and technologies that can further enhance smart card security, increase durability, reduce costs and improve production efficiency.

Special Project Cooperation

Pitkit Zetes Smartech implements certain project requirements through close cooperation with companies having expert knowledge in specific technological areas. As a result, Pitkit Zetes Smartech extends the features available to its customers. One example of this is the Israel identity card project, which involved collaboration with leading companies in their fields including HP (Israel) for software development, Gemalto (France), that provided the contact module and Allami Nyomda (Hungary), that was involved during the setup phase of the project.

Please contact us if you would like to explore ways we can work together.