Smart Cards (Secure Identity Cards)

Once population registries have been created and populated with administrative and biometric data, a secure personalized ID card is issued for each individual.

More and more governments see electronic ID cards as the next step in establishing an identity management scheme for their population.

Pitkit Zetes Smartech produces electronic ID cards for this purpose, based on state-of-the art contact or contactless chips and high-quality, highly durable polycarbonate card bodies. The complete production cycle is done in-house at Pitkit Zetes Smartech's secure production facility. The process combines high resolution printing with the unique technologies and automated processes developed by the company. The resulting smart cards are exceptionally rugged and meet industry standards, as well as integrating proprietary level 3 security features that make the cards virtually impossible to replicate or alter.

National ID cards are expected to last and provide the required security assurance for upwards of ten years. The quality of the materials and the production process is therefore paramount. Pitkit Zetes Smartech inspects the cards at every step in the production process and has been recognized for its rigorous quality assurance program and high quality standards by the Standards Institution of Israel.

Pitkit Zetes Smartech designers work closely with each client to create attractive card designs that integrate essential security features as well as national or municipal symbols, mottos, icons and colours. A wide variety of security features is available, and clients can select from any number of elements required for each security level. Pitkit Zetes Smartech offers both contact and contactless options for its electronic smart cards.

Card personalization may be performed at client-site installations, built and operated by Pitkit Zetes Smartech or by the local government agency, or by both working together.